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1 Jan 2018

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About us


At Gold Leaf Financial Services we work with clients who are themselves involved in positive initiatives in the community such as:


  • Donating to charities

  • Helping friends and family in need

  • Working in a position that contributes to society or helps the environment

  • Running a sustainable and/or socially conscious business

  • Volunteering for charities

  • Purchasing products and services that are provided by companies with good labour standards and that have a positive contribution to society

  • Other initiatives such as community gardens, music groups, art displays and social enterprises.


At Gold Leaf Financial Services, we help our clients to improve their finances.  In turn this saves our clients time and worry and helps them to have more capacity to make positive contributions to the community and environment.


For financial advice to help you reach your dreams.

Anne and John start an ethical investment

Anne is a nurse at the local hospital and John is a university professor.  They have recently inherited $100,000 from Anne’s mother and would like to invest this for the future.  They would also like to add some of their ongoing savings to this investment each month to grow their wealth long term. 


Anne has seen many patients with smoking related illnesses, and one of her main ethical concerns is that she does not want to invest in tobacco companies such as Phillip Morris.  John is concerned about climate change and would like to avoid companies with high carbon emissions such as fossil fuels.  They have travelled over the years and both feel they are lucky to have grown up in Australia and they would like to support education and healthcare. 

Anne and John met with a Gold Leaf Financial Planner, who helped them to established a diversified ethical investment portfolio that matches their values as well as their risk profile.  After a number of years they have seen their investment grow to $180,000 and their adviser helps them keep on track, changing the investments from time to time in order to make sure the overall ethical investment portfolio is still right for their risk comfort level, their objectives and their ethical preferences.  Anne and John are happy to know their money is “doing no harm” and supporting industries they value.

Three Steps to
Ethical Investment

How to match your investments with your values

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